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Dr. Sushma Reddy Wins People's Choice in the 2017 Governor's Fitness Awards

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  • Written By: Lisa Beedon

Dr. Sushma Reddy won a “People’s Choice” award Thursday night during the annual Governor’s Fitness Awards. Dr. Sushma Reddy, Endocrinologist and Director of Population Health at Lake Huron Medical Center, has been a driving force locally in a campaign against Diabetes.

Dr. Reddy was nominated in the Director’s Champion for Health category, designated for individuals who promote healthy lifestyles at a community level. Dr. Reddy is concerned with the increasing numbers of diabetic patients coming into her office year after year. She realized prevention would have a much larger impact and that environmental factors were playing a huge role in the growing numbers and adverse outcomes that she was seeing.

Believing that a community can work together to foster a culture of health, Dr. Reddy brought together hospital executives, community non-profit leaders and many others to work together to help create a healthier community. Dr. Reddy has developed several community programs with an emphasis on prevention and community engagement. She has also inserted health into the strategic plans of many organizations, connecting the dots for area leaders regarding health, poverty and the environment.

The Blue Water Area benefits from her passion for the prevention of diabetes, in part through the Walk for Summer Reading program and other walking clubs. Walking clubs are available through Lake Huron Medical Center and the Blue Water YMCA.

The Governor’s Fitness Awards began 25-years ago under Governor Engler’s administration and is organized by the Michigan Fitness Foundation. The Michigan Fitness Foundation’s mission is to inspire active lifestyles and healthy food choices through education, environmental change, community events and policy leadership.