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Lake Huron Medical Center PHO Practice Tools

The Practice Tools page contains a valuable combination of tools accessible to all Lake Huron Medical Center PHO practices. Each link is uniquely focused on specific health issues. These links include documents provided by Pfizer as part of Pfizer's "Getting Healthier Together" program.

  • Exercise
  • Healthy Eating
  • Health Risk Factors
  • High Blood Pressure
  • High Blood Sugar
  • Medication Adherence
  • Stress Management
  • Weight Management

AbbVie Standard of Care in Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)

Self Management Tools

A great way for patients to improve their health can be achieved through actively participating in healthy behavior change. The Ultra Brief Personal Action Plan outlines an effective step-by-step structure designed to help each patient reach the goals they set for themselves. The link includes a printable document that the physician and patient can use to develop a plan to be worked on and assessed during the next office visit.

Another helpful tool to help simplify an Action Plan is to write it out with the Ladder Action Plan. Working through this process can allow the patient to target one simple task while building confidence towards meeting it. The Ladder Action Plan can improve the focus of the patient while also increasing the success rate of meeting their goal.

Lake Huron Medical Center PHO developed a Brochure to help encourage the concept of Self-Management through a Patient Centered Medical Home team approach. This particular brochure has a focus on Diabetes, but is still an effective tool for all chronic diseases.

Pediatric Self-Management

Becoming a healthy family can happen by adopting a few simple steps into your everyday lifestyle. Often, an unhealthy diet and lack of activity can lead to childhood obesity. However, there is no reason to feel discouraged. Not only can children overcome Childhood Obesity, it can also be prevented. The following three documents outline actionable steps that the family can follow and work with a Pediatrician on to learn how to live a healthy life. Visiting the Pediatric office, developing a plan, and dedicating the family to adopting an active and healthy lifestyle can help children grow out of or even prevent Childhood Obesity.

  • Health Lifestyle Screening
  • Promote Healthy and Fit Families
  • Obesity Guideline

COPD Action Plan

A two page COPD Action Plan created by the American Lung Association to help patients actively address their chronic condition.

Diabetic Self-Management

The Diabetic Checklist can help guide diabetic patients manage their condition.

Low Back Pain

The following are tools that our offices can provide to patients with Low Back Pain.

  • Low Back Pain Patient Tracking Form
  • Low Back Pain Clinical Practice Guidelines
  • American College of Radiology Guidelines for Low Back Pain - Diagnostic Imaging

Tools to Help Male Patients with Goal Setting

  • Healthy Lifestyle Brochure
  • Low Testosterone
  • Doctor Patient Discussion Card
  • Physician Assessment
  • Adam Questionnaire
  • Disease State Brochure