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Who's At Risk?

All women and even men are at risk for developing breast cancer at some point in their lives. Although no one knows the direct cause of cancer there are some factors which can dramatically increase your risk.

What You Can Do

Simply being a woman puts you at risk for breast cancer, but there are factors which you can control. These factors include alcohol use, the use of certain contraceptives, diet, and many others. Please talk to your Lake Huron Medical Center Physician Partner to find out more.

Self-Breast Exams are an important part of maintaining good breast health!

Monthly self-breast exams are an important part in maintaining your good health. Certain changes in the breast can be a warning sign. Changes don't necessarily mean you have cancer. It just means you should call your doctor to have it checked. Breast warning signs include:

  • A firm lump that feels different from the rest of the breast
  • A change in skin texture (how it feels) or skin color
  • A new dimple on the breast
  • A newly retracted (pulled in) nipple
  • Nipple discharge without squeezing the nipple
  • Bloody nipple discharge

Want to learn more...

Do you want to learn more about Breast Cancer and good breast health? Talk to your Lake Huron Medical Center Physician Partner or visit the American Cancer Society at, or the National Cancer Institute at

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