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Making a decision to participate in a clinical cancer research trial for the treatment and/or prevention of a specific type of cancer is a very important decision. The Lake Huron Medical Center Cancer Center offers access to clinical cancer research trials through its participation with the National Cancer Institute's Community Oncology Research Program through the Nevada Cancer Center Research Foundation. The NCRF is one of only 34 Community Clinical Oncology Programs (CCOP) across the nation. The program is designed to disseminate the latest cancer prevention and treatment research findings to the community level. Our affiliation with the NCRF brings access to over 50 clinical trials to our community. Lake Huron Medical Cancer Center is collaborating with the Michigan Center of Medical Research and Detroit Clinical Research Center in order to provide even more access to a variety of trials for our community.

Kathleen Fisher, RN, is the Clinical Research Nurse Coordinator for Lake Huron Medical Center and serves to assist local physicians in accessing these trials for eligible patients. The following local physicians serve as primary investigators, and are eligible to enroll patients:

  • Samir Alsawah, MD
  • Kanu Dalal, MD
  • Youssef Hanna, MD
  • Anup Lal, MD

The LHMC Cancer Center currently offers more than 50 clinical studies to our patients. In the last five years, our Cancer Center registered nearly 100 patients into 24 different clinical trials. These clinical studies included cancer treatment, as well as cancer prevention and quality-of-life studies. The significant level of patient enrollments in trials demonstrates the dedication and enthusiasm of the clinical research program by all local oncologists and the community at large.

To help better understand clinical cancer research trails, please review the Frequently Asked Questions to provide a framework for your decision. You can also obtain more information by going to the National Cancer Institute website at, speak with your physician or the Clinical Research Nurse directly at 810-216-1185.