Getting Started

Getting Started | 810-216-1650

At the Lake Huron Baratric Center getting started on the road to your weight loss journey has never been easier! If you would like comprehensive information about bariatric surgery, we hold free educational seminars throughout the year to discuss and explain the benefits and outcomes of bariatric surgery. We want to help you fully understand the entire procedure and make the best choice for you – because you deserve the best. At the seminar, you will meet the surgeon and Lake Huron Bariatric Center's staff who can answer any questions you may have.

Educational Seminars

For a complete list of upcoming education seminars or to request to have an information packet mailed to your home, please call us at 810-216-1650. If you prefer to meet with one of our experienced staff, we would be more than happy to meet with with you to individually discuss your personal situation and goals, address any insurance concerns or questions, share some of our many success stories or address any concerns you might have.

The Application Process

If you and your doctor have made the decision that laparoscopic bariatric surgery is right for you, then you can start your application process. The process requires completing a short application, providing insurance information, completing health and diet surveys and submitting a personal letter of interest. Please call the Lake Huron Bariatric Center at 810-216-1650 to receive the application packet by mail.

Following the completion of your application, a consultation will be scheduled with one of our Centers of Excellence surgeons to discuss your procedure and complete your medical history. Any recommendations for pre-operative testing that will be required will also be made at this time and the tentative date for your surgery will be scheduled. Following your consultation, you will meet with members of your care team including our program director, a dietitian, and an insurance specialist to ensure all of your individual needs are met.